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Hastody - digital asset custody


Multi-layered security

Islamic banking support

Hastody offers global custodial solutions for exchanges, crypto trading firms, algo funds, DeFi funds, financial institutions and investment professionals and HNWI.

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Custody components

Haqq Exchange services supported as a part of custody infrastructure



Key generation and storageservice

Cryptocurrency hot and coldstorage service

Integration with Metamask Institutional

Customizable Security Policy Engine

Logical layer service over HSM

Transaction signing service

One service for wallets

Secret storage service

Bank integration service

Exchange integration service

Liquidity balancing service

Integration service with KYC/KYB providers

Merchant services

Integration service with AML systems

Integration service with crypto-analytical services

Service of stake/unstake operations

Multi-protocol web3 wallet with custodial support

Cross-chain bridge service

Multi-Layered security

Asset Custody and DLT Key (Distributed ledger technology) - solution to generate and store crypto private keys, sign transactions, securely store assets.

Multi-level wallet system

Hot Wallet



Cold storage

Bank-grade multi-layered security

Layer 1

Encrypted database based on the AES-256

The world standard of encryption, reliable and proven over the years

Layer 2

Hardware Security Module

A physical computing device that safeguards and manages secrets (provides extra security for sensitive data)

Layer 3


Keys stored in SGX cannot be extracted even if malware or a hacker has control over the serverโ€™s OS โ€“ as the memory space and the data in the SGX enclave are encrypted

Layer 4

Multi-Party Computation (MPC)

The transaction is signed offline by M-of-N signatures, typically within 24 hours

Layer 5

Policy Engine

Allows users to configure a list of rules that affect how transactions are handled and approved

Customer services & Support standards

Support for approving process in external exchanges

Help you pass the requirements

Service Level Agreement (SLA):

Average Reply Time
~1 hour or less

Communication channels:

Help you pass the requirements


With convenient navigation


training webinars on setting
up services

Hastody is suitable for


End-to-end architecture with MPC protection for secure storage of digital assets

Trading Companies

Secure environment for cross-exchange trading. Hastody allows to place capital on several exchanges and secure it at the same time

Hedge Funds

Allows algo trading on multiple exchanges while maintaining independent storage


Scalable infrastructure for digital assets exchanges. Independent storage and custom wallet architecture


We create a secure and certified crypto infrastructure for financial institutions with MPC protection

Fintech products

Customizable custody modules and multiple integration options. Scalable trade and settlement management

Build reliable business solutions

Book a consultation with a product manager

Request DEMO

Use cases

Typical cases

Huge amount of proxy-wallets

End-to-end architecture with MPC protection for secure storage of digital assets

Salary crypto service

Service of mass payments from custody

Fund transfer

Transfer of funds between exchanges and hot wallet

Creation of crypto wallets

Accept, store and perform transactions, including sending customers' cryptocurrencies outside

Benefits and cost saving

Many wallets and large transactions per second

Many requests - no need to raise and update your infrastructure

Responsible for performance and upgrade to modern technologies

Fee tiers

Not linear charging

The more transactions, the cheaper

Special offer for growing projects

The more transactions, the cheaper

Special pricing in bear market time

Special conditions for crypto-winter

Project timeline

Comparison with competitors

Hastody functionality:

Available chains & tokens

Digital assets (500+)














Haqq ecosystem tokens

Top halal tokens

ERC-20 Tokens

+ more

Exchanges Integrations

+25 other exchanges

Available services

Crypto treasury operations

Secure self-custody


DeFi & Staking




Lending Network

Crypto & DeFi Insurance

Crypto Portfolio Management

Crypto Tax

Crypto Wallets

NFT Wallets

White Label Crypto Exchange

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Coming soon


Coming soon


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